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in Eupen, Belgium

The perfect location!

In the heart of Europe

As a central location in EUREGIO, Eupen provides distinct advantages. In Eupen, the concept and global business practices that Europe pioneered are part of daily life.

The ideal infrastructure

Spacious, free parking is available for you and your visitors, and there's a bus stop at the front door. Train connections are convenient, and six airports are located within a 150-km radius.

A quiet location

A serene work environment is assured, with verdant views and chirping birds instead of grey concrete and noisy cars!

Achieving the balance of work and life

The immediate environment is graced with a vast forest, tennis courts and a bike park, and soon there will be an indoor/outdoor swimming pool in which to soothe your body and mind.

It's more than simply office space!

An appealing environment makes work more productive, and that's what we're about.

We offer bright, turnkey spaces of 20 to 300 square meters, without hidden charges. Even window-cleaning, refuse disposal and elevator maintenance are covered.

Does all this interest you?

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The success of your event is our concern!

Our employees provide capable support in the planning and implementation of your event. In fact, we can take care of everything, so that you can concentrate on the essentials. The centre even has its own restaurant, and can optionally provide catering services to please your guests.

Meeting rooms

Sleek, modern equipment and harmonious design, paired with views of the lush countryside make this the perfect place for your meeting. The rooms, bathed in natural light, are air-conditioned with optimal comfort for up to 60 persons. Rentals are available in half- and full-day increments.

The day office

The exclusively furnished day office -- with its classy desk, ample conference table and cozy sitting area -- is the ideal place for meetings of up to 10 people. It too can be rented in half- and full-day increments. This is the office environment that will make a lasting impression!

So, you're planning an event. Excellent!

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Has good service been forgotten? Not here!

The reception desk

The centre's foyer has a professional-quality reception area. Here your visitors will receive directions to your office, and all packages received on your behalf will be accepted safely.


It's noon. You need a quick snack, but you can't leave the building. Perhaps you need a suitably impressive location in which to dine with a prospective client. Look no further than the Meeting Point, the centre's very own restaurant. It's an outstanding address even outside of business hours!

Secretarial services

If required, our employees are also available for comprehensive secretarial work. Services are charged by the hour.

Custodial service

Along with the maintenance and upkeep of the general premises, our custodial staff can attend to tasks within your premises. This permits you to concentrate on success instead of cleanup.

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